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Our clients

Owners, Investors, Developers, Maintenance services

3k Industrial Lighting creates long-lasting and steady solutions. It focuses on companies interested in long-term exploitation of its objects. First of all it concerns final clients, maintenance organizations, investors, developers and owners of industrial enterprises. 3k Industrial Lighting solutions can be applied in building of the following objects:

Retail-entertainment centers
Shops and boutiques
Restaurants and kitchens
Motor showrooms
Medical centers and operating rooms
Office premises
Sports structures
Parking areas, garages and hangars
Warehouse complexes
Refrigerators and freezers
Service stations
Car services


Food production
Chemical production
Energy enterprises
Mechanical engineering industry
Primary metals establishments
Electronics production
Pulp and paper production
Manufacture of leather and leather products
Woodworking industry
Rubber and PVC production
Textile and clothing manufacture
Fowl-farms, greenhouses and hothouses

Subcontracting companies, Engineering and Electric installation organizations

3k Industrial Lighting seeks for a better way to comply with market demands. Our company delivers solutions for its clients working for industrial and civil construction. 3k Industrial Lighting main partners and consumers are professional building and engineering companies that conduct their business in the following spheres:

Subcontract works
Engineering and building  automation
Installation of engineering equipment
Installation and wiring works
Dynamic fire-fighting systems
Fire protection of building structures


Load-carrying and filler structures
Rust-inhibiting and chemical protection
Monolithic and engineering works
Infrastructure construction
Roofing and waterproofing service
Road building

3k Industrial Lighting supports anyone who is eager to expand its activities and develop modern building technologies. Newcomer building companies take advantage of full package of training, technical support and assistance services offered by 3k Industrial Lighting.

Project organizations

3k Industrial Lighting develops cooperation with project organizations. Project organizations make 3k Industrial Lighting strategic assets that implement new products, modern building technologies and trustworthy technical solutions to the market.


3k Industrial Lighting is grateful to all its clients
for trust and cooperation!