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Strategic alliances

Development of active cooperation in vertical and horizontal markets in building sector let 3k Industrial Lighting create innovative service categories and open new possibilities that could better satisfy clients’ demands. 

Strategic alliances is a perfect basis for new forms of cooperation, exchange of marketing information concerning  demand for products and services, development and implementation of new technologies and increase in efficiency. Mutual exchange of information between all alliance’s firms contributes to successful competitive struggle in the market. By forming strategic alliances 3k Industrial Lighting opens new possibilities for expansion of Client Base, creating customer demand and knowledge transfer that enables marketable innovations.

Key groups of strategic alliances

1.      Researches and development of innovative products for construction and maintenance of civil and commercial buildings that would increase energy efficiency and ensure human and environmental safety.
2.      Engineering of civil and commercial buildings.
3.      Design of industrial and technological processes.
4.      Production and delivery of building materials and technologies. Building work from scratch and reconstruction of industrial objects.
5.      Manufacture, delivery, assembly, adjustment of plumbing and heating installations and building automation systems.
6.      Manufacture, delivery and assembly of industrial equipment.
7.      Maintenance of civil and industrial buildings.
8.      Investments, real estate and banking operations.